Besides the fact that all of our framings will look beautiful, we place a great emphasis on quality. We work exclusively with 100% cotton fiber board and acid-free paper for insulation and mounting. Similarly, we’re meticulous with the glass we work with. For example, the correct choice of glass not only protects from UV radiation, but also adds no obstacles in the way of the viewers gaze. We work with the industry’s most widely used, non-reflective glass from Art Glass. The glass is available with up to 100% UV-protection and is completely scratch-resistant. We also worth with mirrored glass, plexiglass and laminated protective-glass that is used by many museums. We’re also very knowledgable with large formats, as we can frame almost any size. The most important qualifications for achieving really high quality is our own workshop located within our store, where we make everything by hand. We offer:

Framing of artworks, photography and
other items of high value.

Cutting and forming of mounts, even round,
oval and other, more uncommon shapes.

Mounting of photographs on KAPA-FIX.

Restoration of old frames.

Stretching art
and photo-canvases.

We have our own two carpenters that
custom design to your needs.

Manufacturing of plexiglass boxes.

Since high quality is of the utmost importance to us, we only work with carefully selected suppliers.
Among these are: Art List, Trenås, Nielsen and Malmbergs.