Many people know exactly what they want when they visit us. Some are even so consistent that they give rise to their own product category. But at least as many do not know more than that they need a suitable framework for their work. That’s good enough. All we need is the right dimensions and a hum about the desired result. The rest we can solve together.

Come into the store and we look at frames, mats and glass together.
Like when our popular Rodhe list got its name from the artist Lennart Rodhe or the staircase list in Mahogany that Lars Hall drew together with Björn before the framing of Lars & Karin’s photo collection.

And in connection with the Photo Exhibition catwalk at the Modern Museum in 1993 with photographers such as Mikael Jansson, Mattias Edvall, Carl Bengtsson, Patrik Andersson, Jan Erik Lundström, Ewa Marie Rundqvist and Denise Grünstein, a profile was drawn that came to be called the catwalk list.